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Fanspel token (FAN) is a digital currency that enables low-fee & instant payments to anyone worldwide. FAN can be accessed and used using Fanspel wallet, a global payment option that is fully decentralized. It is built on Binance Smart chain offers features that include- faster transaction times than Bitcoin, liquidity option, and swapping. Fanspel token is a proven currency of commerce.
No ICO/Presale, Only Airdrop
(worth of 1,00000 USD FAN Token)

We are self capitalize team of passionate developers. No presale advantage.

Fair Launch

Initial liquidity is added and fair launch of token for public.

Liquidity Lock & Token Lock

Liquidity is locked for 6 months and contract can see on public blockchain (link), Token lock will be performed.

Security Audit

Smart contracts are verified and audited, Certik audit will be proceeding.

About Us
Fanspel - A platform for fantasy players and crypto-traders to earn, utilize their knowledge and skills. In the era of online technology, we see continuous changes and advancements, especially in the FantasySports Industry, since it is relatively new. But the industry keeps growing, where a lot of new opportunities keep emerging. Fantasy Industry has taken root and thrived on fresh technological advances.
Our initiative is to provide the best fantasy entertainment platform to fantasy players through Fanspel. To make it a low commission, a secure and reliable place where players can explore the world of fantasy sports and cryptocurrency trading without worrying.
Fanspel Token is the fuel to use and play on Fanspel. A new blockchain innovation that provides gamified experience to users for playing and earning cryptocurrency.

Fanspel platform launched in July 2020. The platform is based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) technology. The Fanspel token is a network designed in a way that it is decentralized made of real-genuine people.

Fanspel as a platform brings together the concept of playing fantasy sports through the medium of cryptocurrency together.
Fanspel Fantasy Sports App

A platform to showcase your skill

Fanspel is a gaming platform that offers fantasy matches based on sports matches happening in real time.
  • A gaming platform that offers sports that are connected to real-time games.
  • Based on the factors relying on the efficiency of the actual players within the real-time sport.
  • The upcoming addition of new sports including - Golf, Rugby, Volleyball, and Waterpolo.

Our Features


Swapping helps players exchange or swap their tokens (FAN) with other cryptocurrencies using the app.


For securing the Fanspel wallet, a unique phrase is generated at the time of sign-up that is used to recover the wallet.


For investing in FAN, investors earn 0.3% on every FAN token transaction fee, as per the investor ratio.


The systems are up 24x7 and are resistant to hacker attacks, making them fast and hassle-free for a transaction.

Fantasy Sports and Statistics

The global online fantasy sports market was valued at $ 23.7 Bn in 2019. Since then, it has grown at a CAGR of 9.5% from 2020 to 2021 despite Covid. The market is expected to reach $38.60 billion in 2025 at a CAGR of 14.7%.
The high internet penetration, youth population, and increasing use of mobile phones are major driving factors for fantasy industry growth. The most prominent advantage of it has been better earnings and cash-out systems.
In addition, factors such as easy access to online gambling, legalization and cultural approval, corporate sponsorships, and celebrity endorsements are contributing to market growth.
Development and technological advances in mobile application and decentralization of cryptocurrency have further attracted new players to the community. New traders and fantasy players have created a supportive and robust community, benefitting both the industry and the community.

Road Map

Smartphone has become a necessity for people. From their basic requirements to entertainment, they look towards their smartphone.
And when we talk about entertainment, sport is a big stakeholder.
The sports industry was valued at $388.3 Bn in 2020, and out of that, the fantasy sports industry was valued at $20.69 Bn despite Co-vid.

Token Distribution

Core Team

Sandip Mule

VP & Founder

Prithviraj Kadam

CTO & Sr. Blockchain Engineer

Rohan M


More Team

Frequently Asked Questions

Fanspel is a platform for fantasy players and crypto-traders to earn, utilize their knowledge and skills.

No, Fanspel is a fantasy sports application where players can play fantasy sports (Cricket, Football,Basketball, and Baseball) while FAN is a token that can be bought to either play or trade.

• Coin - It is a digital form of currency that may be used to make payments. It works exactly as the physical currency that we use.
• Token - It is a "digital asset", issued by the project. It is used as a method of payment inside the project’s ecosystem. Much like a movie ticket- it has a certain value that can be used at a certain time and place like a movie theater. It may represent a company’s share, give access to the project’s functionality and do much more.

FAN is the fuel for playing fantasy sports on Fanspel, but it can also be used for trading on exchanges.

You can check the price, market cap, and total supply at BSC Scan.

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For detailed information, follow the HOW TO series on youtube.

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For detailed information, follow the HOW TO series on youtube.

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For detailed information, follow the HOW TO series on youtube.

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For detailed information, follow the HOW TO series on youtube.

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Fantasy Sports are online prediction games. Here you make your own virtual team of real sports players. Points are based on real-life statistics of players on the field that are converted into fantasy points. The better your player performs, the higher your fantasy points. You compete against other managers and their teams.

Yes! The more you play, the more you win and earn FAN tokens. Further, use the winning amount again to participate in different contests or swap and trade it on different platforms for more earnings.

Yes, definitely- at Fanspel we make sure that your account is fully safe and running. At the time of registration, a 12-word phrase is given for wallet security and recovery purposes. Users are expected to save it in offline format for future recovery purposes.

FAN token is based on Binance Smart Chain Technolgy. It holds a BEP-20 token contract. This allows the token to be flexible, giving it a chance to be a multi-utility token.

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